Corporate Safety Director

Seeking professional with experience to fulfill the Director of Safety at B&G



  • Corporate Safety Director

Salary range based on qualifications


  • Emblem Health Plans for medical and Healthplex for Dental. You will be eligible to participate in health benefits beginning July 1, 2014.
  • 401(k) Eligibility B&G provides (3%) deposit on gross wage without employee contribution requirement.
  • Expense Re-imbursement: Fuel Card provide, MTA expenses covered and Parking 100% when traveling to and from project sites if necessary.
  • Starting 2 weeks’ vacation, 5 additional days for Paid time off/ Sick.

Start Date:

  • Immediate


  • 40 hours per week
  • Additional hours as required by high risk operations
  • May require intermittent off hour inspections of projects working off shift.

Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (Please note that this offer is contingent upon your ability to provide documentation pursuant to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986).


Policies and Procedures

The B&G Safety Director shall formulate and implements policies, procedures and programs on construction safety that comply with OHSA regulations at a minimum and comply with the contract requirements of our clients. The Director has to have broad knowledge of local, state and federal regulations.

The B&G Safety Director shall receive complaints and reports on safety concerns on projects or within the home office.  The Director shall investigate reports on questionable working conditions and forward the report and recommend and supervise remedial.

The B&G Safety Director shall visit construction sites to ensure implementation of the correct safety policies and procedures. He liaises with external parties such as government-employed inspectors, our clients and internal management to facilitate evaluation of construction sites. The director shall review logistic plans, contract documents, evacuation plans, lighting and ventilation, and work to mitigate any latent safety risks to the health or safety of workers or the public.

The B&G Safety Director shall arrange training programs on safety measures in the workplace. Sessions entail imparting requisite training to execute work necessitated by the project. The manager liaises with OSHA, our clients and consultants to train employees on how to respond in emergency situations as well as routine job hazards. The Director works with senior management to develop plans for emergency procedures.

The B&G Safety Director shall represent the company in meetings with government bodies our clients on matters regarding workplace health and safety. The director liaises with these agencies and clients for regular updates on legal regulations and program initiatives on workplace safety and environmental issues. Where there is a workplace injury at a construction site, he ensures the necessary documentation is completed.

The Director shall provide leadership in developing, implementing and growing the safety training programs to ensure an accident-free work environment and to enforce safety and health policy procedures.  These programs will be used as the basis for all training, on-site protocols and safety compliance on every project for employees and sub-contractors alike. To supervise and manage the Safety and Health program and ensure compliance with the company philosophy.

The Directors directs organizational safety and compliance with local, state, and federal health, and environmental regulations on assigned sites.  Plans, develops, and implements SAFETY & HEALTH programs by providing technical assistance in the identification, evaluation, and control of workplace hazards.  Assist in evaluating risks associated with new business.

Qualifications/Skills Required

  • Ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing
  • Performance Coaching & Leadership, with ability to delegate authority
  • Computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office suite programs
  • Knowledge of MSHA, DOT Regulator environments
  • Knowledge of OSHA CFR 1926 & CFR 1910 Standards
  • Knowledge of behavioral-based safety principles and practices
  • Knowledge of accident prevention and safety equipment
  • Knowledge of SAFETY & HEALTH Risk Management loss prevention methods
  • Strong knowledge in managing Worker’s Comp and Insurance Claims


  • Ability to create and maintain strong top down safety culture
  • To ensure safety goals are achieved on ever project with no accidents or near misses
  • 100% Compliance with applicable regulations
  • Ensure employees are well-educated in safe practices and have all the resources necessary to work safely and have a positive attitude towards safe work practices
  • Analyzes and recommends corrective action for all accidents
  • Posting of all safety bulletins, safety posters, safety rules, and applicable legislation


  • Researches new regulations and developments in the field of Safety and Health, and implements changes in the company’s program
  • Oversee new hire orientations and training for employees on a variety of safety topics
  • Creates a working atmosphere that promotes openness and a high level of enthusiasm and morale in the field
  • Ability to recognize onsite risk factors and take appropriate action with firmness and tact
  • Performs periodic safety training for Superintendents and field employees as well as train and mentor all staff, as needed
  • Develops job-specific safety plans, schedule jobsite visits and safety audits
  • Develops training program, procedures for root causation analysis, and incident investigation protocols
  • Develop candidates for safety representative roles
  • Controls hazardous working conditions and unsafe employee practices through site visits, safety plans, and education of all supervisory personnel
  • Provides oversight to safety performance measurement reporting
  • Identifies target areas of opportunity for safety and health improvement in coordination with leadership
  • Develops broad-based programs to mitigate risk
  • Assures development and implementation of the audit/assessment/inspection program, including frequency and content
  • Assures technical support to ensure risk reduction and code/regulation compliance
  • Directs development of standardized or specialized corrective action solutions based on trend analysis and audit results
  • Reviews implications to broad-based programs to ensure compliance, as well as providing flexibility based on operational requirements
  • Advises Operations Senior Leadership on SAFETY & HEALTH issues related to new/existing business to ensure compliance with SAFETY & HEALTH-related items
  • Provides support for new business by providing analysis and mitigation of SAFETY & HEALTH issues
  • Develops relationships with client safety professionals
  • Reviews documentation to insure all required onsite records and reports are complete, accurate and submitted per established procedures
  • Manages external SAFETY & HEALTH consultant/service provider usage, including selection process
  • Manages daily activities of SAFETY & HEALTH Coordinators
  • Provides training, technical support, and guidance to SAFETY & HEALTH Team
  • Develops and manages SAFETY & HEALTH budget
  • Oversee safety equipment testing and calibration
  • Ensures completion of all required reporting and permitting
  • Ability to manage fleet safety programs including Smith Driving system.
  • Ability to develop SAFETY & HEALTH training programs with goals and objectives

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